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Company / Timeout

Give yourself/your employees/your customers a break from the hectic worklife and take a time out out at sea on a unique megayacht!
By doing that, you also help us help children in the third world.

We offer a relaxed, alcohol-free environment, without stressful mobile phones and tight schedules, where you have the opportunity of new experiences, fresh perspectives and team-building while enjoying our beautiful and refreshing nature.
We wish to create scope for recreation and spiritual reflection, and time for yourself perhaps to contemplate life and find yourself. A time out.

Elida V is a modern and uniquely constructed sailing yacht with emphasis on speed, out-door life and the authentic sailing experience, lacking such things as hydraulic winches and unnecessary luxury.
Under the crew’s guidance, you get to help out with the sailing activities – to hoist and trim the sails – and learn the maritime basics.

In addition, when you book your sailing with us, one fifth of the cost goes directly to Elida’s children’s homes in India.

Practical info
We adjust the daily schedule according to your desires when it comes to sailing, food, shore visits and other activities, for example if you wish to visit a certain place, eat dinner at a restaurant, compete in a simple pentathlon onboard or maybe participate in a time of singing and/or devotion with the crew.

There are also conference resources onboard with computer and video projector in the saloon, which seats around a hundred people (approx. 40 dinner guests).
In case of over-night stay, there are 24 bunks divided into three sections, with an additional ten bunks in the fore-cabin. For day sails we can take up to 60 passengers.

During the summer-half of the year (April-September), embarkation and disembarkation normally takes place on Norra Älvstranden, Gothenburg, but can to some extent be adapted.

Prices and registration

Please give us a call!

Prices may change, esp. due to currency rates.

Life vests and survival suits are supplied by Elida.

For registration and more information, please contact us on
• phone: +46-(0)733-73 52 01
• e-mail: