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One of the main pillars of Elida’s work is the large number of confirmation camps that we arrange every spring and autumn in co-operation with different churches.

Confirmation is a course in the Christian faith, directed to teenagers and in most cases stretching over one year, ending with a church ceremony where the person confirms that he or she wants to share this faith.
In Sweden most denominations offer this kind of course.

Normally the course includes one or more camps, and many churches choose to locate their camps on Elida and return year after year with new groups.
In addition, Elida arranges own confirmation courses, where all of the teaching is taking place onboard – spread out over three to four camps – together with the crew and our own confirmation priest (ordained through Swedish Lutheran Church).
Altogether, we sail with around a thousand confirmation students every year.

The camps usually contain teaching, morning- and evening prayers, sailing, stops on various islands in the archipelago, games, competitions, water fights and lots of time for fellowship with friends and crew.

The Elida crew considers confirmation as a very important step in life and whole-heartedly commits to the teenagers arriving onboard.

In addition to confirmation, we arrange other types of camps, as well, with different groups of people, such as church youth groups or school classes.

If you are interested in arranging a camp with your group onboard Elida, please contact us!
• phone: +46-(0)31-762 80 50
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