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Transport sails

Transport sailings are when we need to move, transport, Elida between e.g. Sweden and Spain (most often in mid-September), Spain and Canary Islands (most often in February), or Canary Islands and Sweden (most often in March). However, the autumn of 2023 is a little different as we plan a longer sail to Israel (read more about Pilgrim on a separate page).

The transport sailings are divided into various legs, where you can choose either to come along for the whole voyage or sign on/off along the way. During these sails Elida functions as a private yacht, meaning you join us on your own responsibility and at your own risk.

All onboard are divided into three different watch teams, which are on duty four hours, followed by eight hours of rest (e.g. 8–12 morning and evening). No prior knowledge is required, but all help out according to ability and interest.
Minimum age: 18 years (unless you come with a parent/adult).

The voyage itself doesn’t cost anything, but we all help out to pay for the food, €35 per person and day (€25 per day for seniors and students).

To register and for more information, please e-mail Karin Nytomt (, who will be your contact person.

As for fall of 2023 these are the various legs:

Leg 1: 19 August–2 September: GothenburgCascais/Lisbon (Portugal)
Leg 2: 3–9 September: Cascais/Lisbon (Portugal) – Cartagena (Spain)
Leg 3: 10–16 September: Cartagena (Spain) – Palermo (Sicily, Italy)
• Leg 4: 17–27 September: Palermo (Sicily, Italy) – Limassol (Cyprus)

The sail from Cyprus to Israel will take place 29 September–1 October. During this voyage Elida will be reserved for invited guests, first-hand, and then we will fill up the remaining spots with others interested.

After Israel we will have a few weeks of youth camp onboard, and then two additional legs of transport sailing, open to all:

• Leg 5: 11–25 November: Athens (Greece) – Cartagena/Alicante (Spain)
• Leg 6: 26 November–3 December: Cartagena/Alicante (Spain) – Las Palmas (Canary Islands)