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Sailing trainee

This is the opportunity for all who wish to try out seafaring life as a crewmember on Elida during a shorter period. Enjoy peace of mind and freedom from mobile phones, stress and current events out on open sea – just you and your Maker.

As a sailing trainee you sail as a regular crewmember during one or mores legs of a longer voyage.

All onboard are part of the crew and divided into three watch teams, which are on duty in four-hour shifts, followed by eight hours off-duty.
No prior knowledge is required, but you take part of the various duties and activities onboard according to your ability, and help out with the sailing activities according to your own interest.

Welcome to try out seafaring life on Elida!

• Accommodation in an 8-bunk cabin
• Full board
• Loan of life vest and survival suit

• Passport
• Certificate of health (see below)
• Minimum age of 18 years (unless other information is given for specific sailings)

See specific sailing for rates.

Register by clicking on the link of your interest below, or contact us for queries and more information:
• phone: +46-(0)733-73 52 00
• e-mail:

Downloadable files

Certificate of health