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The ship Elida V

Elida V is a top-modern performance megayacht, and with the launching of this ketch-rigged beauty, a new epoch began in the history of Elida.
The old schooner model, which had followed us since the start of the organization in 1963, was then replaced by more modern sailing yacht features, even though there is still some resemblance with Elida I.

With the new model, the maintenance and running costs are lowered significantly, and environmental issues are prioritized. Thanks to modern materials and construction principles, the performance of the new ship is of the class of sail racing yachts.

With its 45 meter (148 feet) tall mast, Elida V raises curiosity and attention wherever she comes, and many are drawn to the ship to learn more about her construction and purpose.

Brief facts:
Length: 40 m. / 131 ft.
Width: 7.7 m.
Depth: 4 m.
Rigging: ketch
Mast height: 45 m. (148 ft.) resp. 32 m. (105 ft.)
Displacement: 95 ton
Sail area: 800 sq. m. (8,611 sq. ft.)
Engine: Volvo Penta 310 hp.
Built: 2003-2007, SwedeShip Composite, Hunnebostrand, Sweden

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