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To be crewmember on Elida isn’t just about learning about sailing, seamanship and boat knowledge. Surely, that is a natural ingredient, but being part of Elida in such as close way as a crewmember offers you the opportunity, in a very unique way, to experience full-time missions.

Do you want to be challenged, do you carry a longing for traveling and seeing new places, and do you wish to be part of a team who tells other people about their Christian faith – then maybe Elida is something for you. We are a happy group of volunteers who work together in both bringing the ship forward and making sure our guests have a wonderful time onboard “the sailing church.”


Through work you will be challenged in many different areas, simultaneously. You will learn more about and experience true life at sea, with all that encompasses. You will sail both close to the coastline in in between ports and islands, and far out at sea, hundreds of nautical miles from nearest shore. You will work in all kinds of weather and live a life that you for the most part will spend outdoors. You will meet people from all kinds of cultures and ages through our music tours, various sailings and camp work.

Being a crewmember also provides you with a good opportunity to get to know yourself in interaction with others, and living in close quarters with others, while being trained in being service-minded.

You will also get the chance to dig deep in the larger questions of life, study your Bible, learn more about a Christian lifestyle and share about your faith with others.

We especially work with young people, and as a crewmember you will get to lead devotions, play, sail, talk and share life’s questions with them.

If you would like to try the exciting life onboard Elida, you are welcome to apply as main crew.

We search those who are at least 18 years old and are willing to spend at least 1.5 years onboard. Work tasks will vary, so we look for people with different kinds of personality and gifts. No prior experience from sailing or life at sea is required – but if you have it, you are welcome, as well. The work is all on voluntary basis.

If you belong to a church, like to work and meet new people and long to share about our faith with others – you might be the one we are looking for.

We accept applications throughout the year, so just write to us for more information. Contact Diana Paduch Abrahamsson at:

phone: +46-762 077173

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