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Elida Mission

Elida Mission is a branch association within ‘the Elida umbrella,’ working with spreading the Gospel in third-world countries and focusing on aiding orphans and other children in dire need.
The goal is to inspire people in the western world to commit to helping these poor children to achieve better living conditions.

This ambition is primarily reflected in three children homes that Elida has helped building and now run in southern India. You can read more about these centres homes.
In addition, we wish to engage in special projects and selective measures for children and others in need.

The association has separate acounts and bookkeping in regards to the Elida Foundation and strives to make sure as large share as possible of the financial support goes directly into the different projects. Currently, less than 5 percent of Elida Mission’s finances cover the administrative expenses, while the remaining 95 percent is directly invested into our on-site work.

“Only a drop in the ocean,” some say about projects helping third-world children. But exactly that drop means the saving of hundreds of lives!

If you want to be a part of this work and support Elida Mission, click here.