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Elida PartnerShip

During the fall of 2009 we launched Elida PartnerShip in order to facilitate supporting our work on a more regular basis. Throughout Elida’s history, our work has been made possible thanks to people’s support, and now we extend och simplify this through our partnership programme.

As a partner you become part of something larger than yourself, something that reaches farther than you can reach. You will be involved in touching people in places and situations that are unique to the work of Elida and that you might not be able to come in contact with in any other way.
You will be an invaluable link in bringing people one step closer to Jesus.

Your part in Elida PartnerShip is to pray for our work, but also to support us financially on a regular basis. Our desire is to be able to dedicate one third of the year (18 weeks) solely to evangelistic outreach activities, which does not generate any income in itself.
We have already come part of the way towards our goal, and with your help, we can get even further next year.

As a partner you will every now and then receive a letter with updates from the crew and news about our work and activities.
However, the partnership also includes an opportunity for you to share your prayer requests with us, so we can join you in prayer.

Together we can accomplish so much more than as indivuals. Welcome into an exciting cooperation with us!

To sign up as a partner, or to receive more information, contact Hans Gabre at:
• e-mail: or
• address: Elida PartnerShip, Fiskebäcks hamn 32, S-426 58 Västra Frölunda, Sweden