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Elida FriendShip

Our aim and desire is that Elida can be “all people’s boat”, where everyone can feel welcome and part of what we do. Throughout Elida’s history, the work has been made possible thanks to many people’s support, encouragement and contribution.

Over the years, many has expressed a desire to receive regular updates from us, and all these people have now been gathered in a contact network that we have chosen to call Elida FriendShip, as we truly see all of them as our friends.

As part of Elida FriendShip, you will receive a letter four times per year with updates and information about our work and greetings from our captain couple, Stefan and Diana, and their crew.

If you wish to support us financially, you can always make a one-time donation (read more here), or you can partner up with us through Elida PartnerShip, which implies more regular support, as well as more frequent updates (every month).

If you have not received any updates from us previously but wish to register in the Elida FriendShipnetwork, please fill out the form below.
If you are already a registered member in this contact network but wish to exit and no longer receive information from us, please click here.

Please feel free to browse around our site to learn more about us and our work. You can also follow us on Facebook and watch some filmclips on YouTube, as well as read our blogs.